Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Blog Hop


Welcome to the next stop on the Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Blog Hop! A big thank you goes out to Natalie Star for working so hard to arrange this Hop! And thanks to all of YOU for stopping by!

Spring is a wondrous time, especially given the harsh reality of winter that many faced this year. (Not so much of a harsh winter here in Florida, but I don’t want to rub that in anyone’s face… well, not too much, anyway!).

To Sophie, the main character in my YA novel A Life Interrupted, and me, the best part about Spring is that it is baby animal season. Every spring, the wildlife rescue center where Sophie volunteers becomes inundated with baby songbirds, shorebirds, birds of prey, squirrels, raccoons, otters, fawns… even baby bobcats, foxes, and coyotes… that have been abandoned by their parents for one reason or another. As sad as it is that all of those baby animals lost their parents, it’s a pretty amazing experience to feed them and help raise them until they are old enough to return to the wild. And they do return to the wild, unless they have an injury or birth defect that would inhibit their survival on their own. In that case, the rescue center becomes their permanent home.

Here are a few of the animals that Sophie learns to care for while volunteering at the wildlife rescue:

Baby Screech Owls waiting to be fed

Baby Screech Owls waiting to be fed

Baby bobcat. She has seizures and will never be released back into the wild.

Baby bobcat. She has seizures and will never be released back into the wild.

A young Brown Pelican after being released.

A young Brown Pelican after being released.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our favorite part about Spring. Now it’s time for the real fun! For a chance to win a Kindle copy of A Life Interrupted and read more about Sophie and her adventures, leave a comment below about your favorite Spring activity. A winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday morning.

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14 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Blog Hop

  1. I love just sitting in my Granny’s rocker these warmer morning…just basking in the sunshine. I also enjoy spring bike rides and strolls. Of course picking buttercups is just about my favorite thing about spring. Oh…and I love seeing the wildlife returning to they activities.

  2. Natalie did a great job.
    Love the animal pics, especially the cat. We have bobcats out here where I live, too. Beautiful animals, for sure. Sophie’s a lucky girl to have ‘landed’ in a place like this. I look forward to reading more about her new beginnings in your next book.

    Happy Spring!

  3. Natalie feels the love over here on this page! Yes, she reads everyone’s comments 😉
    I wish I was there to see the rescue animals! I love that!
    Thanks so much for participating in the hop!

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