Writing is for the Birds!

Bird-watching is one of my favorite hobbies – when I’m not writing, reading, or marketing, of course! – which is why my writing includes fun facts about birds and other wildlife.

In my debut novel, A Life Interrupted, the main character, Sophie Martin, discovers a passion for helping injured wildlife after being forced to basically start her life over in Florida. The very first animal that triggered this passion was a Brown Pelican, a very common, yet awesome, seabird in Florida. Helping that juvenile Brown Pelican while it struggled in a tangle of fishing line opened Sophie’s eyes to a whole new world of science and nature that she never bothered to think about in her former life.


In the as yet untitled sequel, which I am working on now, Sophie will work with a whole new variety of birds that she did not realize came to Florida for the winter. The sequel picks up in November, five months after her family’s big move to Florida from New York City, and the Island Rescue Center is busy caring for numerous migratory birds, including several American White Pelicans. The white pelican is the inspiration behind the second chapter in the sequel since that will be the first time Sophie ever sees one of these magnificent birds. The birds’ injuries are similar to the brown pelican’s from the first book – fishing hook and/or line from some fisherman who cut his line. It’s a common infliction to sea birds in coastal areas, one that Sophie hopes to raise awareness about.

White Pelican

Stay tuned for other wildlife that Sophie encounters in A Life Interrupted and the sequel!


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