Musical Inspiration While Writing

Today was weird day. I slept later than normal, took a nap, and still felt run down. Since I wanted to avoid any type of physical activity after doing too much yesterday, I figured it was the perfect time to do some writing. I scrapped the previous 2,000 words that I wrote during November’s unsuccessful NaNoWriMo attempt and started fresh on the sequel to A Life Interrupted. While I was writing, I started thinking about the music that helped inspire writing some of the scenes in A Life Interrupted and thought I would share a few of the songs on the playlist:

I know there are more, but these were the ones that I made note of, specifically. I generally tend to stay within the alt and hard rock when I listen to music, but when it comes to writing, all musical genres are fair game. To give you a glimpse of the working playlist for the sequel, this song is first in my inspirational list: Palladio – Escala

What kind of music do you listen to while you’re reading, writing, driving to work, etc? What are some of your favorite songs?


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