New Release: Darke Heat by Denise Ellyson

Darke Heat by Denise Ellyson is an intense romantic suspense with the perfect mix of action, suspense, sexual tension, and… dogs. It hit the shelves at Amazon on November 23, 2014.


DEA Agent Bryce Prescott is back in Darke County to ask beautiful Page Conner for another one of her specially trained dogs so he can catch a drug lord who likes explosives. The only problem is, the last dog he borrowed ended up pregnant.

 Page is none too pleased to have Bryce coming back around. She still carries a grudge from him walking out on her when he thought she couldn’t handle his profession. He took her dog, Sheba, with him and that has her seeing red; but when a dead body is found on her property she needs his help.

Someone is out to get her and they have no choice but to team up and catch some killers.

Darke Heat is a must-read and to help you see why, Denise shared a wonderful interview between her rescue cat, Shadow, and the highly trained bomb-sniffing dogs in Darke Heat.


Hello, my name is Shadow. I’m the cat that was rescued by author Nese Ellyson. I’m the one who keeps her dogs in line until they’re trained. But today I’ll be interviewing some of the main dogs she wrote about in her debut novel with Master Koda Select Publishing, Darke Heat.

Shadow: Thank you all for participating in this interview.

Deeogee: You’re welcome, my dear.

Sheba: Yes, Dahling. You’re sooo velcome.

Samson: All right, let’s keep this moving along. I’ve got another audition for Speilberg.

Patches: (Burp) Sorry, excuse me. Too much ice cream.

Shadow: So, what was your favorite scene in the story, Sheba?

Sheba: Well, my scenes, of course. I was a little put out by all those pups pawing at me, but I just did my best to be professional.

Deeogee:Yeah, you’re not much on the maternal instincts, Sheba.

Patches: (Snickers behind his raised paw.) That’s an understatement.

Sheba: (Growls)

Samson: (Rolls his eyes.) Grow up.

Shadow: What was your favorite scene, Patches?

Patches: Well, it wasn’t the one where I puked my guts out.

Samson: You know that happens every time. Why do you do it?

Patches: Why do we lift a leg at fire hydrants? It just comes naturally.

Sheba: Good grief…boys!

Shadow: How about you, Samson? Do you have a favorite scene?

Samson: Training is fine and all, but I liked the scene at Bryce’s when I saved the neighborhood from going up in flames.

Sheba: So that’s why your head seems so much bigger.

Deeogee: Look who’s talking…Queenie, the biochi who got laid by a stinkin’ Rottweiler.

Sheba: Oh, he wasn’t so bad. Better him than you, dahling.

Deeogee: (Sits with nose up in the air.) At least I have a pedigree.

Sheba: So does Killer.

Shadow: (Steps between the two.) Settle down. What’s done is done.

Sheba:  (Pushes past Shadow, fur bristling.) Yeah, well you will be looking closely at my pedicure if you don’t straighten up.

Shadow: (Back arched, tail straight up.) Samson, Sheba, let me remind you that this is an interview not a dog pound. Either settle down or I’ll be clawing a few strips off your hides.

Patches: (Chuckles and tries to sniff his butt, but his cone got in the way.)

Sheba: (Slaps the cone with her paw.)

Patches:  (Yelps.) What’d you do that for?

Samson: Let me remind you all I have an audition with Speilberg! Let’s get on with it.

Deeogee: She’s just being spiteful. Ignore her.

Shadow: So, Deeogee, what was your favorite scene? (Glares at Sheba.)

Deeogee: That’s easy. Finding our Mistress when she was kidnapped.

Sheba: Oh, dear, another enlarged skull. Puleeeze!

Shadow: Who did you most enjoy working with and why?

Sheba: Bryce, he has such gentle hands.

Patches: (scoffs.) Yeah, a real good reason to enjoy working with him. Any male would do for you.

Sheba: That’s not true. Paige is a great trainer.

Deeogee: I enjoy working with both of them.

Patches: Paige is my fave.

Sheba: You’re just lucky they let you out of the kennel now and then.

Shadow: Sheba, boys, this interview is over. For such well-trained dogs to be so snarky annoys me. I don’t know what Paige and Bryce will think when they read this report.

Sheba: Maybe next time they’ll let one of us do the interview.

Patches: Yeah, in the Darke as long as you’re not in Heat. (Snickers and runs as Sheba chases him out onto the training field.)

How fun was that interview? Those snarky pups are lucky Shadow has a lot of patience for a cat. Now, if you’re not already convinced that Darke Heat is a wonderful story, here is an excerpt to further persuade you:

“This is nine-one-one. What is your emergency?”

“Someone is breaking into my kennel. My name is Paige Conner. I live at two twenty County Road.” She didn’t wait to verify all the information. She headed out the door. Just then, she heard a car drive up. What now? Oh yeah, Bryce was due to come have that talk. And where was Samson? Why had he come back last night without him?

She ran out the front of the house, and over to the barn, where the driveway led as Bryce got out of his truck.

“Bryce, where’s my dog?” I sound like a broken record. “Where is Samson? You were supposed to bring him back.” She barely got the question out, when the dogs began barking in earnest.

“Someone is breaking into the kennel,” she said when he gave her an eyebrow raised in question. At her comment, he pulled his revolver out, and walked in front of her to the side of the barn. He looked around the corner where the kennel was. Paige followed close behind.

As another window broke, he shoved her behind him, up against the wall,

In anticipation of gunshot?

Sure enough, several bullets sprayed the ground next to where they stood. Several more shots rang out, and the smell of cordite filled the air.

“So, Paige, when were you going to tell me you were having a spot of trouble?”

He spoke with false calm as he aimed his pistol around the corner of the dilapidated barn. He fired several shots in succession, which were returned with extreme prejudice.

“What? I guess now would work. Agent Bryce Prescott, I’m having a little trouble around the farm lately, with people vandalizing the place, dead bodies showing up on my training field, and now some jerk is shooting at me. But that’s just current events. Yesterday morning I almost got blown up at your house, you stole another one of my dogs, I found a pit-bull holding area, and my dog had eight mixed breed puppies in a rented SUV. Does that about sum it up for you, big guy?”

She saw Bryce do a quick double-take at her words. She spoke in the most annoyingly, sweet voice, that in no way sounded like her usual tough-as-nails Paige. Sirens sounded in the distance. She saw him breathe a sigh of relief that back-up would arrive soon.

“Bryce, the dogs are getting worked up from all the gunfire. Let me go in…”

With one hand, he pushed her farther behind him. “Right now, Paige, I’d like you to be a little more worked up about the fact that your butt is getting shot at, or that a dead body was found on your property. That is what you need to get worked up over.”

Yeah, among other things, but she kept that thought to herself.

“You make it sound like it’s my fault. This isn’t my fault. How was I to know we’d have a crime wave here in Darke County, Ohio? My realtor forgot to mention it to me before I signed the contract.”

Another chunk of the siding splintered, the bullet grazing Bryce’s arm, but he barely flinched. His gaze remained focused on the tree line at the edge of the parking lot. Sirens were coming closer. This round would soon be over.

“I knew your moving back here was going to mean trouble,” he muttered.

“Need I remind you that you are newly back to town as well,” she squeaked.

“But you’re the one getting shot at,” he said. “Leave it to you to get the locals all fired up.”

“Don’t you dare blame this on me! I’ve put up with enough of this crap. I’ll be carrying my twenty-two, and the next time someone shoots, I’ll be returning the favor.”

Seeing the blood seep from the gash on Bryce’s arm, brought back too many bad memories. Here was another great man, putting himself in harm’s way for her. It made her angry at the injustice of it.

“Listen, little girl, you are not to move a muscle until I say so. Are we clear?” he said while his hand reached back to push her against the side of the building.

“I’m not a little girl, and I can take care of myself.”

“Paige, I’m not going to get into a discussion of that while the natives are trying to put some lead into you.”

His words were said in all seriousness.

“What the heck are you talking about, Prescott?” she asked in angry confusion.

“Nothing I can do a dang thing about right now. So, shut your fresh mouth before I shut it for you.”

She could think of one very satisfying way she’d like for him to shut it, then open it again with his tongue sliding over her lips. But she’d have to wait until he could get them to safety.

Finally, the backup arrived. The perpetrators ran into the woods toward the lake. Bryce explained the situation to the Sheriff and Deputy.

“Sheriff, they ran off toward Locke one, should we get the dogs and go search?” asked the deputy from last night.

“You can take Deeogee and Patch,” Paige offered. “I’ll go get their leashes. And if you don’t bring them back, I will tear the flesh off your hide. Understood?” she demanded.

“Yes, ma’am,” the Sheriff’s deputy responded. He obediently followed her into the kennel, where she pulled down two leashes and harnessed the two dogs.

Author pic

About the Author

 Nese Ellyson lives in a small town in rural Ohio with her own Prince Charming, two boys, and a cat they rescued. She’s an avid fan of romance, particularly when it has a suspense element. She’s always brimming with ideas and loves getting her thoughts down on paper. She’s active in house renovating and loves to hear from her readers. You can find her on face book at  and on twitter at

Darke Heat was released on Amazon on November 23rd and is available for purchase now. If you’re interest in reading Darke Heat, then just click on the title and it will take you straight on over to Amazon where you can find out more. It should open in a new tab for you!


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