Big News is Coming!

After months (14 of them, to be exact) of simultaneously waiting not-so-patiently and pushing for action, I received news that the company that was supposed to publish my manuscript went under. I was disappointed to hear the news and I was sorry for the other authors affected by the doors closing on them as well. But, good news was waiting behind a different door. The publishing company that hosted the book contest that I won informed me that they would be happy to publish my manuscript. To say that I was ecstatic would be an understatement. Things were finally moving!

With hands shaking from excitement, I signed my first ever publishing contract, prepared my first synopsis, tried to set up an Amazon Author Page (epic failure there), laid out my ideas on the cover art, and submitted everything to the publisher on Sunday morning. I am awaiting a copy of the manuscript from the editor to make the final edits and it will be official. The book should be out in July or August 2014, depending on how quickly I can make the edits.

I am over the moon with this news. It is finally happening.

Another exciting thing is that I haven’t written more than 5,000 words since July 2013 while I was stressing over this manuscript, but now I am ready to hit the keyboard again. Just in time to prepare for the July session of Camp NaNo, too. I have an idea in place and prepared a brief synopsis on the Camp NaNo website. Now I can spend the rest of June setting up a timeline and fleshing out some of the sub-plots. I will also get this blog active again to share writing and non-writing related stuff.


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