Paranormal Legacy Blog Tour – Caitlin Hensley Guest Post


Please welcome my friend Caitlin Hensley as she shares a little about herself, her inspiration regarding her latest novel, Paranormal Legacy, and how her life has changed since becoming a published author. Paranormal Legacy was released on Kindle on March 6th and paperback on March 13th. Be sure to grab your copy today!

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About six years ago, I overhead my little sister on the phone to a friend. They always used to play what they called “The Game” over the phone, where they acted out various scenarios, and even invented their own characters. One day I heard my sister say something, and it sparked an idea. I hurried to my room and started writing, scribbling pages and pages in a tiny notebook. The story was only about ninety pages, but I was so proud. I kept writing about the same characters, and ended up writing about thirteen sequels to the first story. As soon as I finished writing each segment, I tracked down my sister and read the stories out loud to her. I didn’t edit, or worry about the bad plot and characterization. After I finished the stories, I put them away in a box, and that was that.

But the characters from those little stories wouldn’t leave me alone. I kept coming back to them, and each time I rewrote a new draft of that first book, it grew longer, and the details of the story-world developed more and more. First it was called Beast Within, and then The Supernatural. And then, finally, after six years and lots of hand cramps, it evolved into the book it is today: Paranormal Legacy.

My life has really changed a lot since I decided to self-publish Paranormal Legacy. I used to sit at the computer querying agents and endlessly editing PL, again and again and again. My writing career had no purpose. All the queries I sent out came back negative, because according to the agents, the paranormal genre is dead. Maybe that’s true, but I just couldn’t abandon PL. It’s my baby, the book I’ve kept coming to no matter how many times I’ve been struck by lack of inspiration or writer’s block. It was my ultimate dream to share my characters with others, and let people come to love them as much as I have.

Around October of last year, I thought to myself, Why can’t I just publish PL on my own? And that was a huge turning point for me. I finally felt like my writing had purpose. I learned all about self-publishing, and created my very own book. When I got to hold it in my hands for the first time, it was amazing. I used to be depressed because I had exactly two readers for PL, but I wanted more. And now I have that chance, and I’m so happy about that. Gone are the days when I sat around editing PL for no one except myself. Now I can finally share my story with the world.

It’s time for my dream to come true.

Paranormal Legacy

Caitlin Hensley has been telling stories since she learned to hold a pen, and is pretty much obsessed with writing. She’s the author of The Inhuman Chronicles, as well as the novelette Together Alone. When not typing frantically on her laptop, she’s usually dancing, catching up on reruns of her favorite TV shows, or getting lost in a great book. She lives in rural Oklahoma with her family and a slightly nutty Chihuahua.






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