Red Tide in Sight

After such a long week of work and one night of too much wine, I spent most of my three day weekend feeling like crud. Yesterday was my day to become one with the couch and start watching season 8 of CSI. Somehow, I found the energy to go watch the 49ers game with my boyfriend and the walk to the bar was invigorating and we had a great afternoon. I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Today, I planned on joining by boyfriend on his kayak tour, but we’ve been fighting bouts of red tide here and it’s not much fun out there. Tourists still want to go out on the water and don’t seem to mind it, but I have fairly rough allergies and the sting of the red tide seems to really aggravate them. It’s a real shame since this morning is turning out to be gorgeous – sunny, calm winds, and 72 degrees. 

My alternate plan is to take a nice walk to enjoy the day before I finally sit down to write for the first time in a week. I have to catch up on my ‘homework’ from the writing workshop too. I really slacked off this week and I’m thankful for this day off to catch up on things.


2 thoughts on “Red Tide in Sight

    • It’s an algae bloom that usually occurs in really warm water. It is toxic and causes fish kills as well as respiratory issues in people. Thankfully, it’s gone now but it was getting pretty gross out here with lots of dead fish washing up and lots of people coughing.

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