Happy 4th Birthday, Karma!

January is Karma’s birth month, so I thought I would do a special post for our favorite pup. Since she’s a rescue and has been through three other homes before ours, we don’t know her exact birth date. We could pick a random day in January to celebrate, but we opted to celebrate the entire month instead.



We started out the month with a play day in the bay. Since the weather has been so nice here, I am going to try to take her to her favorite spot on Palma Sola Bay so she can play Frisbee and swim. The funniest part about Karma is how much she loves the water, until she gets beyond chest deep. If she goes in deep enough that the water gets up to her neck, she starts to panic. She’s become much better lately, but we try not to throw the Frisbee too far out for her.



This month has also been full of car rides. If Karma can’t be in the water, she wants to be in the car. She especially loves rides in the Jeep with the top down, all that wind blowing in her fur. She seriously smiles like crazy on those rides.

Tom and I always treat Karma like she is our kid and one or the other of us (and sometimes both) are constantly petting her when we’re home. We even talk to her about nearly everything. She’s a great confidant and she will cuddle right into me when I’m feeling sad or sick. Tom even sings her songs – he made a Karma version of Adelle’s Someone Like You which went a little something like this:

Nevermind I’ll find a doggie like Karma

She’s so hot she sets off the fire alarma

Lyrical genius he is not, but he sang it in a Kermit the Frog voice. I laughed for at least an hour that night and Karma licked his face in thanks.

As you can see, Karma is a much loved member of our family and we do whatever we can to make sure she knows it. After all that she has been through, I definitely think she deserves a whole birth month celebration instead of just one day. So, Happy Birth Month, Karma girl!


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