Monday, Bloody Monday…

I woke up this morning thinking that the world was conspiring against me. The sound of the garbage truck outside the open window woke me a half hour later than I was supposed to get up. Because of my lateness, I did not have time to dry my hair or iron my shirt. So, with wrinkles and wet hair, I left the house for the dreary day. I arrived to work twenty minutes late, which was not that bad, considering.

The new girl started today and the only thing I can say about that at this point is that her voice irritates me. I am hoping it’s just a bad Monday kind of thing and that tomorrow it won’t bother me… but, for today, I am wearing noise-cancelling headphones all damn day.

Now, I am normally not this cranky or irritable. I’m generally a happy-go-lucky person with a few smart ass remarks. Today is just not my day, which is fine. I had a wonderful, productive yet relaxing weekend which goes a long way in making today not so bad. Not every day can be sunshine and roses, right?

Since today is not my best day, I am going to do my paid work and reward myself with a few short increments of fun work (i.e. writing my short stories) throughout the day. That thought alone just brought a smile to my face. This day can be salvaged, I say!


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