Weekend Warrior

This weekend was supposed to be a mini writer’s retreat in my peaceful home office. I wanted to finish the paranormal short story, plan out and begin writing a new sci fi short story for the LitReactor contest, and thoroughly plan my first novel of the year. It was a big to-do list and I really hoped to at least make a dent in it.

Instead, I spent an hour in Home Depot with Tom picking out stuff for the kayak trailer and while he worked on the trailer, I cleaned the living room carpet with our brand new Bissel. Normally, that stuff should not have taken all damn day, but we started late and there was traffic, and we were debating the benefits of going to the bar instead of doing anything productive. By the time I had any time to myself, it was dinner time and we were hungry.

The upside to doing all that yesterday is that Tom has to work today and I will have the whole day to myself. If I can knock even one thing off of my writing to-do list today, then I will count that as a total success. And if I can manage that, I may even allow myself to finish a book I’ve been reading for the past month. That would be the perfect way to relax!

As it is already 9:15 in the morning, I better get started. The big question now is, should I shower first or just jump right in to the work?

Karma tried to write my blog post for me today, which was sweet. However, her grammar and spelling is horrible. We’ll get her some training before trying that again.


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