A Short Tale

Two days ago, I was staring at the iPad as it sat on my lap and wracked my brain for inspiration to write. I wanted to write something, to practice using the portable keyboard, but I was at a loss. So, naturally, I started watching TV (Season One of Suits) and an hour later, I zoned out on the show as the creative juices began to flow.

My mind wandered off and convinced me that I should try to write a short story in the paranormal genre. My mind argued that if I was serious about writing the young adult paranormal series that I started planning out a month ago, then I better make sure that I can actually write paranormal stories. What better way to practice than to try a short story, my mind pointed out. I could not argue the point.

With my mind set, I hit the keyboard running with a basic idea. The first thousand words came easily and set the tone for me to run with the idea on the fly. Not a single note was made, nor a timeline or list of characters. I want to try this one with no planning at all just to see how it works. So far, so good, but may change at any point. I’m not a big planner, but I generally do not go in blind. I like to keep at least a page or five of notes, a brief timeline, cast of characters, bullet points for major events, etc.

I imagine the short with be approximately ten thousand words when complete. Enough to give detail and a little back story while keeping the pace moving and even offering a bit of romantic closure. But, since it is my first short story and my first paranormal, my word count goal might change somewhere along the way. In any event, I am hoping that this adventure goes well so that I can jump right into work on the series.


6 thoughts on “A Short Tale

  1. Great idea – I like reading shorts and novellas. I think that ereaders have made these popular.

    Good luck with your writing!


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