The Single Life… Is is all that it’s cracked up to be?

Today was one of ‘those’ days. I slept like a well-fed baby and woke up with not a whole lot to do. My sister and mom were working all day, my boyfriend was three-quarters of the way back to home in Florida, and no one was responding to my texts. I decided to have a well deserved lie-in before a much needed shower. By the time I was up and ready, it was ten in the morning.

On a hunch, I texted a girlfriend who works at a company I was laid off from nearly three years ago. I wanted to see if she wanted to meet for lunch to catch up from the last time I saw her in August. She responded by telling me to drop by the office. I did. It was great to see people I used to work with and there were no hard feelings. And conversations came easily, like I never left. My girlfriend and I split to have lunch together. It was great to catch up and see how much has changed over four months – for her, not me!

Oh, the dynamic life of a single girl!

While I was bragging about Tom and I buying a new guest bed and awesome desk for my writing nook, my friend updated me on her dating life (fabulous), parties (equally awesome), and great sleep (jealous!). I never appreciated the differences between the seriously entwined and the single before now. It is quite interesting and entirely different than I thought it might be.

I could care less about the dating and partying, but I am jealous about the great sleep. I get a decent night’s sleep about one in three nights. Between the snoring, general sleeping pattern differences, and our pup that likes to hog the bed, one of us generally gets the short end of the stick each night. Since we bought the spare bed, the rough nights have become less rough, but sound carries in a house with tile floors and the dog still hogs whichever bed she’s in. We both still love her, of course. But I, for one, love Benadryl, too.

Considering this is my first and only long term relationship, I am not at all worried about what I might be ‘missing’ on the other side… but, I sure wish that I still had an awesome night’s sleep every night. I definitely had plenty of that back in the old days. Everything else in a relationship I am very happy with… even the occasional argument.

It’s funny how my blog posts rarely turn out to be what I originally planned. But it is what it is, ya know?


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