The Day After Yesterday

It is the day after the Big Day. I am stuffed full of fine wine and food from the past two days. My jeans already feel tighter than they did on December 23rd. I haven’t slept well since last Thursday night due to the non-stop road trip and not being in my bed. Oh, and all the wine. Still, I am happy to be with family and friends that we don’t see nearly often enough. That is the spirit of the holiday season.

My other half leaves for Florida this evening, doing the road trip back on his own with the pup. I feel for him, knowing how tough that ride is on one’s own. I am the lucky one this year since I am on vacation for another four days. Those few days will be filled with wedding stuff for my sister. Her wedding is in June and I won’t be back up in NJ until then so Thursday and Friday will be a wedding marathon.

In my spare time, I plan to plan out the next story idea. I want to use my vacation time as wisely as I can to accomplish something, anything. Santa was a super sweet jolly old fellow this year as he brought me an iPad… I must have been a really good girl this year. That happens when the only things I do are work and write. It leaves little time to misbehave.

I have loaded up the iPad with all of the essential apps to make writing away from the Mac easier. The super nifty case that Santa left under the tree included a keyboard which is surprisingly comfortable and user friendly. This post is the first official writing exercise on the new gadget and I am duly impressed. Now, if only it would improve my writing!

To wrap this up and stop bragging about my new toy, I will say this: I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday full of delicious food and spirits and all the gifts they asked for. From what I heard, Santa was very giving this year!


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