Holiday Road Trip

Why is it that the week before a week long vacation is the most stressful of all 52 weeks out of the year? Actually, this whole month has been a nightmare for work stress. In one sense, I feel like I blinked and the month flew by and in another sense, it took for-ev-er.  The best, or worst, part is that now after such a stressful week, we are leaving right after work for the daunting 20-hour road trip from Florida to New Jersey for the holidays.

I have been waiting for this trip for months, but now I am so worn out from work that all I want to do is sleep.  Thankfully, Tom and I are doing the drive together, so there will be some sleep to be had unlike last time when we each did one way by ourselves.

Anyway, this is a short post just to whine and wish you all a Merry Christmas! 


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