Saved by the Idea

The official start of NaNo WriMo is 22 days away and for the first time in four years, I thought about not participating.  Between rewriting the manuscript for the contest and a complete lack of any story ideas, I figured this year might not work out.  My brain has been so full of thoughts on the current manuscript – what I have left to do, what I should change, trying to find the motivation to get it all done in time – that there was no room left for new ideas.  All of that changed this morning.

Sitting at my desk at work, procrastinating on doing anything billable, I was reading something on Facebook and WHAM! I was hit with a workable idea for NaNo.  I hurriedly jotted down a few notes about the idea to make sure I wouldn’t forget it (which happened with the last three ideas I’ve had over the past few months) and patted myself on the back.  I would not be a quitter after all. 

Still, even though I have an idea, I have made a deal with myself that I must finalize my current manuscript and submit it for the contest before I am allowed to start working on the NaNo plot.  The contest deadline is November 10th and I am, unfortunately, the type of person that will take every last moment available to complete something.  I am hoping that some kind of divine intervention makes it possible to finish and submit the manuscript before November 1st.  Perhaps some kind of self reward is necessary to make that happen.  I just can’t think of any affordable rewards yet (I want a new Mac but I have to save up for that first).


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