Woe, the edits.

The edits continue. Woe, the edits.

I feel the deadline for the contest looming, even though it is just under two months away.  There is so much left to do to get this manuscript into performance shape, that I have been feeling overwhelmed lately.  But, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

I officially passed the half way mark in the first draft this morning and I have set a goal for the second half to be fully edited by Monday.  I have slacked too much in the first half, so the game is on now.  A few beta readers have been lined up and I hope to have second or third draft to them in two weeks.  Finally, I am getting really excited about this story!

Who cares if I don’t have much of a social life for the next two months?  I am almost to the finish line.  Almost.  I just have to power through until the end.


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