A Room with a View

ImageThe past two weeks have been rough with packing, cleaning, moving, cleaning, unpacking… all the joys of leaving one house for another.  My writing took a vacation with not even a phone call to tell me it was alright.  Thankfully, it decided to come home to our new house once it saw the view from my reading and writing nook.  

Our previous house was very small, only one bedroom with less than no storage space, but it was one block from the Gulf of Mexico.  It was lovely for a while but we quickly grew out of it.  This house is two bedrooms with tons of space.  The view sells it, though.  That view will really help me creatively – it already has since I nearly doubled my work count from before we moved. 

It may help that my story is a YA tale about a city girl who is forced to move to Florida for her father’s job.  I plan to use a lot of local knowledge and a bit of my science background in the story to ‘write what I know’.  



7 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. Have to concur, that view would put my muse in a very frisky mood, lol. Congrats on the new place and a safe move. Sending you best wishes for peace and happiness in the new digs :-). With a hint of jealousy because living that close to the ocean is a dream of mine I anticipate my writing career will make come true.

    • LOL, the view has definitely awakened the muse. Thank you so much! Everyone should live near the ocean at least once in their life… I know you will have the opportunity and enjoy every moment of it!

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