Living the Island Life

Over 14 months ago, my boyfriend and I decided to move from New Jersey to Florida.  The winter of 2010-2011 was a rough one for us up there in NJ.  We lived at the “Jersey Shore” in Spring Lake Heights and we were hit with two snowstorms that dropped over 3 feet of snow apiece.  Being snowed in for over 3 days is a great way to test your relationship!  Somehow, we survived being trapped in the house together without a single argument or any hurt feelings.  It was a sign of true love. 


After those storms, we took a vacation to visit my Dad in Punta Gorda, FL for a long weekend.  We left a still snow covered and gray NJ in February to spend the weekend in 70 degree and sunny weather.  The moment we stepped onto my Dad’s pontoon boat to explore Charlotte Bay, we made our decision to move.  With just a shared look between us, we both knew we would be so much happier in a warmer climate.  A month and a half later, we packed up our things and moved to Anna Maria Island.  And the rest is year old history.

Since then, we have started a kayak tour and rental business that Tom operates solely on his own called Sea Life Kayak Adventures.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have a full time career job that requires field work and travel, so I am not the help that I really should be.  One day we hope to have the business going so well that I can quit my job and help him at least part time and concentrate more on actually becoming a published author.


Between living one block from the beach and owning a kayak business, we really feel like we are living the island life.  All we need now is to become independently wealthy and find a bigger place to live!


4 thoughts on “Living the Island Life

  1. I did the same. Moved from snowy cold CT to warm sunny SC!! Been here two years and still love it! If you find a way to become independently wealthy, please share the way!!!

    • That is great! Glad you still love it and I am sure you will love SC forever! I spent time working in Aiken, SC as an outdoor education instructor right out of college and would take road trips to Myrtle Beach on some weekends. What a beautiful state! Ha! I will be sure to share the secrets to independent wealth once I crack the code 😉

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