Hello World, I have arrived!

As always, I am late to the party.  Better late than never, I guess, so here I am, ready to blog my heart out.  I figured since I have lost interest in my second attempt at original fiction at about 42,000 words into June’s Camp NaNo WriMo, I might as well start a blog to just keep writing crap.

The good news is that while trying to struggle through some sprints last night, I started to write down ideas on how to regain interest in my story.  Not only did it add word count to the large pile of crap splattered on the pages, but it actually helped.  The downside, of course, is that to make myself interested again I will need to completely rework the story into something entirely different. 

That is what I get for attempting a murder/mystery story when I have minimal experience in either.  Oh well, I have another idea and I am just going to continue to develop it until I have a working outline that I can run with.


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